4 thoughts on “5 things you will like in Vietnam

  1. Nice Post! I agree with all except the night buses, they are still semicomfortable 😉

    My Top 5 in Vietnam would be:

    – The people (especially outside the tourist industry)
    – The landscape (especially the north)
    – Hoi An (what a beautiful place)
    – Cao Lau
    – Vietnamese coffee

    1. I agree with you Martin. Vietnamese people are so lovely if we are out of the city! And Landscapes are amazing and I love Hoi An, Cao Lau, and Vietnamese coffee as well! I will write separated posts about beautiful Vietnamese people, beautiful places! 😉 I will keep you updated!Thank you for visiting my blog!:)

  2. I’m not into coffee, but i totally agree with you about Pho (one of my favorite food on earth) and sleeping buses too. I remember I had a bus ride with just my brother and I in a huge sleeping bus (day ride, not even night). I was really surprised they didn’t just cancel this ride as there were buses every hour anyway. Seats were like on your pic, and i could actually sleep, so it was pretty different from the other bus trips I had in SE Asia indeed!

    1. Hahaha you are missing out the good one! But fair enough! Not everyone likes coffee for some reasons. Pho is my favorite as well! Some people might laugh at me but I can totally go back to Vietnam just for the Pho! Hahahahaha. The bus is way better than any other bus trips both in Southeast Asia and Europe. Vietnamese sleeping bus is the best! 🙂

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