How to keep fit while traveling

how to keep fit while traveling - Koh Tao - Standup paddling

Why I need to write on how to keep fit while traveling

Many people are so surprised by the fact that I am traveling for more than 2 years and they ask me many different questions. One of them is how to keep fit while traveling. People think it’s quite hard to stay in shape while traveling since people tend to drink and party more than usual.

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how to keep fit while traveling - Southeast Asia - Explore Your Life Now
This is me on my first trip after I quit my job at 2015.

I didn’t work out since I started traveling in September 2015 but my weight is pretty much the same compared to me 2 years ago even after partying and not working out for quite a long time.

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Phra Nang Cave - Phra Nang Beach - Railay beach - Krabi - Thailand - Southeast Asia - how to keep fit while traveling
I am the second one from the left. This is me in the middle of October 2017. I don’t look so different except for the color of the skin.

It was my 2 year travel anniversary on 1st of September, 2017 and I got to think about how I maintain almost the same shape for 2 years on the road. I have to say I’m neither a health professional nor fitness star but here are top 5 simple and easy tips on how to keep fit while traveling through my experience!

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1.Walk as much as you can and as long as you can

My favorite way how to keep fit while traveling

If someone asks me what is my favorite thing to do on how to keep fit while traveling,  I would say taking a walk. When you first arrive at a new town or city, then it’s the best to explore the place by walking around. But unfortunately, I see many people just take a tuk-tuk, bus, subway, or taxi even for a real short distance instead of walking.

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Walking is the best!

You get to enjoy your new destination by getting lost in a small street and watching how locals live. You will also find unexpected street art, interesting small galleries, cute cafes that are not on Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet. Isn’t it brilliant to burn calories while discovering the hidden gem of the new city and saving money on transportation! I’m sure you will like it!

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2. Enjoy Sports

Enjoying sports while traveling? Does it sound so difficult? Actually, how to keep fit while traveling is easier than you think.

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Tips for beach lovers

Do you fancy island life and beach? Then, you are likely to travel to beautiful islands with amazing white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and the strong sun!

Railay beach sunset - Railay - Ao Nang - Krabi - Thailand

Koh Rong Samloem - Koh Rong - Sihanoukville - Cambodia - Southeast Asia - how to keep fit while traveling

You can simply go swimming. You can go for standup paddling like me in one of the top 3 beautiful beaches in Koh Rong Samloem. You can go diving in a beautiful small island like Koh Tao. You can go snorkeling in Gili islands! You can also go surfing in Canggu or Kuta in Bali. You can go for Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking near Ubud!

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Kayaking in Ao Nang Krabi 2 - Thalane Bay - Thailand - Southeast Asia - how to keep fit while traveling

Tips for mountain lovers

Are you a type of a person who loves being on the top of the mountains? Then, the best way for you to keep fit while traveling will be hiking!

Marble Mountains in Hoi An(Danang), Vietnam

Go to the top of Koh Phi Phi Viewpoints or Koh Nuan Yuan Viewpoints. You can also go for rock climbing inside the climbing gym or on Railay Beach! You can walk up 1,237 stairs to the top of Tiger Cave Temple near Ao Nang Krabi. You will feel so rewarded by watching the stunning view from the top!

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3. Dance Dance Dance

Traveling = Drinking?

Khao San road buckets - Bangkok - how to keep fit while traveling
Drinking buckets while traveling Southeast Asia is something you can’t really avoid…

I know it’s very hard not to drink when you travel because you want to enjoy your holiday and having a drink together with new people you met at your hostel. It’s very easy to gain belly fat after drinking some shots, beers, cocktails, and buckets. Trust me I drank almost 10 months in a row since I kept hanging out with new people and I drank at least one beer a day. One beer Chang for every day for 10 months… can you imagine..? But I still look like this… You might wonder how I managed to look the same like 2 years ago.


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Phra Nang Cave - Phra Nang beach - Railay beach - 4 islands tour Ao Nang Krabi - how to keep fit while traveling - how to stay in shape while traveling

Dance like there is no tomorrow!

Koh Tao Pub Crawl - Koh Tao - Thailand

My another secret on how to keep fit while traveling is to dance! I love dancing and I feel very fit after dancing for a few hours when I go out with my fellow travelers. The next day you get up, your body is aching a bit but your belly won’t look too bad since you danced very hard! Also, you sweated out the alcohol out of your body while dancing, so you don’t get too bad hangover either! Try it! But remember! You must dance like there is no tomorrow!

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4.Eat Vegetarian or Vegan food!

I understand that you are tempted to enjoy your holiday and want to eat some junk food. Of course, it won’t hurt to eat Burgers and Pizza. But if you want to keep fit while traveling, I know the simplest and the easiest travel hack! Let’s feed us something healthy!  

Amazing Penang Indian Food

fried morning glory with rice - Thai food - Thailand - Southeast Asia - how to keep fit while traveling
Fried Morning Glory is seasoned with fish sauce, garlic, and chilly sauce. If you don’t eat fish sauce, you can ask for no fish sauce. Instead, you can have soy sauce or salt! It’s simple but really tasty.
Thai omelet - Thai food - Thailand - How to keep fit while traveling
Thai omelet is another simple and good vegetarian meal.

Try to eat Vegetarian or Vegan food once a day instead of having a burger or chips! Vegetarian or Vegan food is made with fresh ingredients. Eating colorful vegetables and drinking fresh smoothie will help you cleanse your body and make you feel like you are doing something really good for your body!

Ubud Monkey Forest 

If you think Vegetarian food or Vegan food is too expensive, just add egg or tuna to your meal or eat more vegetables instead of meat. Then you won’t be too disappointed if you look yourself in the mirror after coming back from your holiday!

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5. Cooking

Cooking on Holiday?!

You think I am crazy to suggest cooking on your holiday! The last thing you want to do is to cook on your vacation. You just want to relax and eat food made by others. I feel you because I was exactly the same when I first quit my job. I was so stressed out and I didn’t even think about cooking. I just ordered food from the pool bar. But I totally recommend cooking on your travel especially if you are planning to travel to Northern Europe and still want to be fit.

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Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes

Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes - Swedish food - Northern European food - how to keep fit while traveling
This is meatballs and mashed potatoes that I tried in Stockholm. It was so good but it wasn’t the healthiest food.

I went to Sweden and Denmark for almost 2 weeks this September. I really enjoyed eating a lot of meatballs and mashed potatoes!! They are so tasty and too addictive! I couldn’t stop myself from eating them all the time! 

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After eating heavy Northern European food for 2 weeks…

But the consequences of eating lots of heavy food was disastrous! Swedish and Danish diet was too heavy for my stomach. My gut which is used to get fed vegetables and light Asian food got bloated. After eating a meal, I felt so full that I didn’t want to move my body. When I came back from Sweden and Denmark, I gained 3 kg! Just in less than 2 weeks!

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Cooking is not a choice! It’s a must!

So after I came back to Spain, I stayed at my friend’s house and cooked a lot of healthy food every day with colorful vegetables! And you know what?  I lost 3 kg and my belly felt much comfortable. Try to prepare your own meal with bread with Avocado spread with salt, olive oil, and pepper if there is a kitchen at your hostel or Airbnb! It’s simple, healthy, and cheap! By preparing your own meal is my last advice on how to keep fit while traveling! 

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Bibimbap - Korean food - Healthy food - how to keep fit while traveling
This is Korean food called Bibimbap. I made it with my recipe! As you see in the picture, you can see lots of colorful vegetables right?

How are my 5 tips on how to keep fit while traveling? Do you have any other ways to stay in shape on your travels? Don’t be shy to share your secret with us, please! Your advice will help many people who want to be healthy and fit while traveling! Don’t forget that sharing is caring! Thanks for reading!

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