Travel thoughts and emotional detox in Ayutthaya

travel thoughts and emotional detox

Travel thoughts and Emotional detox in Ayutthaya

Travel thoughts: When I made a decision to travel to Ayutthaya, I never expected I would stay for 9 days, I never expected I would find what was hidden inside of me.

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Perfect remedy when you’re tired

The next day, I got up feeling so tired from walking. (Coming to Ayutthaya from Bangkok was not that easy.) The best remedy for fatigue?! Jam & buttered toast with morning coffee! (My guesthouse offered a free toast! The jam tasted like pineapple, but I never asked, so I don’t know why.) It was so delicious that I fell in love with it. I woke up every morning not to do anything else but to eat this toast! It was super addictive!

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Ayutthaya Guesthouse

trip to Ayutthaya

trip to Ayutthaya

trip to Ayutthaya

trip to Ayutthaya

After eating toast, I looked around Ayutthaya guesthouse. It was totally different from my hostel in Bangkok. It was a beautifully made two-story wooden house. It looked old but very clean and neat. It was carefully taken care of by a lady who worked there.

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There was a boathouse with two rooms right in front of the main wooden house. After the reception, there was a cute common area with hand-made wooden tables and chairs. Two hammocks were hanging on the wooden pillars. There were also white chairs and tables near the river.

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I felt like I wasn’t in a guesthouse. It was more like a summer house with a beautiful garden. I felt very calm and relaxed seeing beautiful flowers, green grass, trees, and a boat passing on the river. I was happy I made it to Ayutthaya and I couldn’t believe the guesthouse turned out to be this good.


travel thoughts
This is the Hammock I used to spend time in in Ayutthaya. : )

I’ve never sat on a hammock in my entire life, but I wanted to try here in Ayutthaya. (I’m old enough, but I still haven’t tried so many things.) It wasn’t very comfortable at first,  but after a couple of minutes of struggling, I finally found the right position for me. 

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Dark side of me?

travel thoughts

On the hammock, I felt like listening to music, especially the song that I liked when I was 19 years old. While I was listening to it, I could feel my eyes becoming warm and starting to drop tear. I didn’t understand why I was crying. I was embarrassed and afraid someone saw me crying, so I rubbed my eyes and pretended nothing happened. But I couldn’t stop crying.

Traveling depression

The exact same thing happened to me the next day and the day after the next day. I started to worry that I had depression or something. And I got freaked out.

Before I traveled to Ayutthaya, I was always outgoing, talkative, and positive, but now I felt like I became anti-social, shy, and negative. I felt like I’d lost all the good qualities inside of me, and only the dark side was left.

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Emotional detox

travel thoughts

travel thoughts

travel thoughts

At that time, I realized that I hadn’t mourned enough what had happened in the past few years. The last five years were really tough for me, especially the recent two years. I felt like there was no meaning in my life, and I thought about giving up on my life. But I didn’t want to leave this world like that just because my life is tough. I wanted to find the meaning of my life.

Angkor Wat Sunrise

So I tried hard to focus on my life now, and positive sides of life. And it worked. Whenever I felt sad, I tried to smile more and meet up with great people and forget about sadness. After I figured this out, I just stopped being “obsessed” with the idea of being positive. Instead, I let myself feel just the way it is. After crying three days… I finally felt much better. My good friend said I was going through an emotional detox. I think she’s totally right.

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Travel thoughts: True meaning of traveling

travel thoughts

In Ayutthaya, I spent so much time lying on the hammock doing nothing special, just listening to music, reading books, or taking a nap.

Maybe some people will think, is it really backpacking? Is it really traveling? You’re just staying in a guesthouse. YES, maybe they are right. But everyone has different style of traveling I think.

When I tripped to Europe years ago, the longest time I stayed in one place was 8 days. I think it’s too short to look around a place for less than a week. I really enjoyed staying in a hostel or guesthouse, meeting with new people and doing nothing special. I remembered, in Prague, I walked around the old town square of the city, watched a soccer game in the square, and went to Jazz concert…..

I don’t think traveling is about doing something all the time, it’s more about getting used to a place you’ve never been to, getting used to people you’ve never met, and getting used to a culture you’ve never experienced.

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Travel thoughts: Tired of living as a Korean

travel thoughts

I can say I felt so free staying in Ayutthaya. I’ve never been so comfortable in my whole life. (Maybe you don’t understand me, so I will tell you a little bit about my country, Korea.)

Any society can be really competitive. But countries like Korea and Japan are extremely competitive. Working hours in Korea are 9 to 6 (if they are lucky) , but most Koreans work 9 to 9. Sometimes people have to work longer than that. Let’s say we finish work early, but you can’t leave the company. Your boss will think you don’t work hard enough. (In Korea, if a person finishes his or her work, people give you more work, and they are unlikely to appreciate it. So people don’t try too hard. And of course they know they have to go home late anyway because of their boss, so they do other things instead of work, and start to work around 4 or 5. How “efficient” is it, right?)

In Ayutthaya there was no boss saying what I should do. There was no work I had to finish. There was no duty I had to do. There were no parents to tell me what to do with my life.

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Never felt this good

Eva Jung
This is pretty much all I’ve done in Ayutthaya. Lying on a hammock, reading a book, listening to music, and taking a nap. Time in Ayutthaya was like heaven to me.

It was very foreign but it was a good feeling I’ve never felt. I’m not sure how you feel and what you experience in Ayutthaya, but this is how I felt. Ayutthaya was truly so nice to me.

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  1. It’s good that you were able to destress and relax, sometimes you just got to cry and let it all go. Enjoy the rest of your travel

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