My interesting Bangkok hostel experience

hostel in Bangkok

Bangkok Hostel experience

The cheapest and best way to make good friends and have fun is by staying in a hostel. So most backpackers tend to book a bed in a dorm. But your hostel experience can be very different depending on who you meet in a dorm. I had a pretty good hostel experience in Bangkok last time. So I came back to the same place I’d stayed in  — I didn’t expect my previous good Bangkok hostel experience to turn out to be this horrible.

Bangkok hostel experience

Are you guys exhausted just like me?

When I walked in, two guys near the door were sleeping. I thought they were exhausted just like me. I remembered my nightmare in Bangkok, and felt sorry for them. But I found out they were not tired because of the weather, but partying. I felt something was odd somehow. But I didn’t figure out what it was. Maybe my gut was telling me that my good Bangkok Hostel experience would be ruined?

Two guys, two girls in the dorm

That night I was back, I couldn’t sleep. I tried to sleep, but the two guys brought two girls into the dorm. I noticed the smell of instant noodles as soon as they came in. And they started to laugh and giggle. The light was off, but I could see a girl jump on one of the guy’s beds and make a weird noise. WTF! Please get a room, you idiots! I was so pissed off! I tried to be calm, but I just couldn’t help it. Yes, my Bangkok hostel experience was definitely going to be changed…

Bangkok Hostel experience next to Khao San Road

And what’s worse, crappy, loud music was coming from the outside the dorm! The happiness that I felt in Loy Krathong and the gratitude from being in Bangkok turned into a nightmare again.  I understood why some people hate Khao San Road and why they don’t like staying in a hostel.


I waited for them to finish their “business” and leave. But they didn’t! They didn’t seem to understand what a common area is for in a hostel. They went on and on and on until I couldn’t take it anymore! Of course, I could go to the reception and tell them about it. But I was on the upper bunk bed and I couldn’t be bothered to go down.

Can’t take it anymore!

So I stepped up. “Hey, everyone but you guys are trying to sleep. Would you just be quiet, please?” They became silent but soon began to talk again. I was furious. But I couldn’t yell or fight with them, right? Of course, I could, but I didn’t want to. So I tried to be patient and secretly hoped they had a little bit of empathy left inside for others. After 10 minutes, they left the dorm. Once they left, I heard people sigh. They sounded relieved because they could finally sleep.

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The next day, I was talking about this interesting Bangkok hostel experience the other night with my friend in the common room. The manager of the hostel heard our conversation and told us he was sorry. He asked us to let him and the other hostel staff know if it happens again and then changed our room. He was so kind and I felt much better.

Party again on Khao San Road

Luckily, I met nice people in a different dorm. You are near Khao Sand Road and it’s your last night in Bangkok with a bunch of great people. What would you do? So we had dinner and went out for dancing.

Khao San Road
On Khao San Road, people sit on the street, enjoy drinking buckets and dancing.
Khao San Road
The girls who are working for the bar are inviting customers to come inside.

I was supposed to get up early the next day to go to Ayutthaya. But when I came back, it was pretty late… (Hmm… should I say… it was too early? Because I came back after 1 am…? Haha… it’s really tricky 😉 ) This is why I had a hard time getting up early the next day! (Thank god! I packed before I went out!) As you guessed already, going to Ayutthaya was not easy at all……

You’ll find out in my next post,  Bangkok to Ayutthaya: Is it too late or too good to give up?

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12 thoughts on “My interesting Bangkok hostel experience

  1. what an annoying experience! but glad you took control of the situation 🙂 it sounds like things can only get better
    safe travels, lovely friend

    1. Thanks Anna! I think you’re the first one who read as soon as I published this post 🙂
      Thank you so much for supporting me my dear friend.
      Say hello to your parents and talk to you soon.
      Love you~

  2. Wow, I don’t think I can risk it to stay in a hostel anymore lol. I stayed at two different hostels in Korea, and thankfully it wasn’t that bad, but even then I thought it was bad enough…lol. But you’re a very sociable person so it makes sense you might meet some friends in a hostel.

    1. Oh, no don’t get me wrong. Hostel experience can be totally different. Some days you get lucky and hang out with awesome people or at least you can sleep better. Other days you can suffer from ignorant people like them…… It’s all your luck. So that’s why it’s very important to pick the right place after reading reviews… : ) Also all you can do is just move to another hostel. lol. There are tons of hostel in Bangkok. : ) Don’t be afraid, Jacob : )

  3. Haha what a night. My policy on dorm sex is – unless you want me to comment on your performance get the f%×# out. But seriously girl, you could have done something about even if talking to the staff. Don’t let inconsider douchbags control your experience. Stand up for your self.
    I had a similar experience, I did something about it and to my surprise the other people in the dorm thanked me.
    Next time take control. You’ll feel better. Trust me.

  4. Sorry to hear about your experience! This is why I will never stay anywhere near Khao San Road when I’m in Bangkok. Of course, this can happen anywhere but I generally found people to be very respectful in the hostels I’ve stayed in. I’d recommend Silom as it’s in a much nicer area (business district) and there are some great hostels around – Lub D Silom and WE Bangkok are both great!

    1. I know right? Staying in a hostel can be a huge advantage if you travel as a solo since there are more chances to meet up with nice people. But you never know what kind of room mates you will have in your dorm! (I was like you and I stayed in hotels and resorts while I was traveling in Bali, and it was so hard to meet new people. 🙁 )But I want you to try staying in a hostel, I mean a decent one with really good review. You will be surprised to meet interesting people! 🙂 Where are you right now Shayan? Are you traveling now?

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