Koh Tao nightlife: Part 2- Koh Tao beach bars

Koh Tao nightlife guide 2 - Koh Tao beach bars - Sairee beach - Koh Tao - Thailand - Southeast Asia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung

Before learning about Koh Tao beach bars, check out Koh Tao nightlife: Part 1Cheap bucket places and Koh Tao Pub Crawl!

3. Koh Tao beach bars

You can enjoy amazing fire shows and good vibes. Koh Tao beach bars play pretty much the same music, but it’s cool to dance on the beach. You can enjoy cool breeze takes your sweat away whenever you feel hot! Personally, I prefer beach parties in Koh Tao than Full moon party in Koh Phangan. It’s not too crazy, but fun! 😉

Party time in Koh Tao beach bars

Beach bars in Koh Tao starts fire shows from 7 pm. Koh Tao beach bars get busier after 10 pm and close at 2 am. 🙁

1.Lotus Bar Koh Tao



It’s quite big and I loved to go to Lotus Bar Koh Tao. Their music is good enough for you to dance. Mostly, they play mainstream music and some Spanish music too. My Spanish friends loved to come here. Sometimes they have special events and parties. You should definitely check out!

  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Drinks: Big beer Leo is 100 baht. Small beer is 80 baht. Buckets: 2 buckets for 400 baht by 10 or 11 pm. After happy hour, one bucket is 400 baht. (What a rip-off!)
  • Location: Here is a location of Lotus Bar Koh Tao on the map.
  • Lotus bar facebook

2. Fishbowl beach bar in Koh Tao

koh-tao-beach bars -fishbowl-2- Koh Tao nightlife - fishbowl-koh-tao-koh-tao-thailand-southeast-asia-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

koh-tao-beach bars - fishbowl- Koh Tao nightlife - fishbowl-koh-tao-koh-tao-thailand-southeast-asia-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

koh-tao-pub-crawl-fishbowl- Koh Tao nightlife - sairee-beach-koh-tao-thailand-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

Fishbowl is served as a restaurant during the day, but it turns into a cool bar at night. You can drink, dance and play beer pong. (Unfortunately, they don’t have fire shows!) Every Koh Tao pub crawl night, people are into a beer pong competition! You will get a big bottle of Jägermeister if you win!

  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Price: Two buckets for 400 baht. Beers are from 80 baht to 100 baht.
  • Location: Click here to check out the location on the map.
  • Fishbowl Koh Tao facebook

3. The Rock beach bar & Grill (The Rock bar) in Koh Tao

Koh Tao beach bars - The Rock bar - Koh Tao nightlife - Sairee beach - Koh Tao - Thailand - Southeast Asia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung

I like the Rock bar. It’s not too big, not too small. The staff here are very friendly and fire shows are amazing! You also have a chance to perform a fire show! 😉

  • Entrance fee: Free (Ladies near the Rock bar hands out free drink coupons from 7 pm. It’s nothing special, but it’s better than nothing!)
  • Drinks: They have happy hours and different promotions. A small beer Chang is usually 60 baht. One bucket is around 200 baht.
  • Location: It’s right below Goodtime Beach Hostel Koh Tao! Here is the location of The Rock Beach Bar on the map.
  • The Rock beach bar & Grill Facebook

4. Fizz beachlounge in Koh Tao (Fizz Bar Koh Tao)

Koh Tao beach bars - koh-Tao-night-life-fizz-beachlounge-fizz-beachlounge - Sairee beach - koh-tao-koh-tao-thailand-southeast-asia-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

I didn’t even know where Fizz beachlounge in Koh Tao, but it was right next to Lotus Bar! But its atmosphere is so different. Fizz beachlounge plays lounge music, serves nice cocktails and wines. It’s really relaxing to sit on the bin bags with a small group of friends.

Koh Tao beach bars - Koh-Tao-night-life-fizz-beachlounge-2-fizz-beachlounge-koh-tao-koh-tao-thailand-southeast-asia-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

  • Drinks: Fizz bar’s cocktails and wines are more than 120 baht.
  • Location:  Here is the location of Fizz Beachlounge bar on the map.
  • Fizz Beachlounge bar

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