Secondhand bookstores in Penang, Malaysia

Secondhand bookstores in Penang - Georgetown - Malaysia - exploreyourlifenow

Wanna buy secondhand bookstores in Penang?

There are many things to do in Penang but there are only a few secondhand bookstores in Penang, Malaysia. Actually, Malaysia is a good place to buy cheap books but it’s not the best place to sell your books.

secondhand bookstores in Penang - Georgetown - Penang - Malaysia - Exploreyourlifenow

What is selling books like in Penang?

My secondhand bookstore lover friend tried to sell his precious books in good conditions, but secondhand bookstore owners offered only RM 10 for each. They don’t care too much about the value of the book. But Penang is still a better place to sell books in Malaysia. When you go to other parts of Malaysia such as Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, and Malacca, it’s even harder and the price is even lower than Penang. If you plan to sell books, I recommend you do it in Penang.

  • Location 1: Click here to see the location on the map. There are stairs on the left corner of a building named Pasar Crowasta. You can see the secondhand bookstores on the left of the 2nd floor. Some open in the morning, others open in the afternoon.
  • Location 2: Click here to see the location on the map. This bookstore owner offered the best price for secondhand books. It’s not a good place to buy books, but good to sell them!

Have you ever visited any other secondhand bookstores in Penang? Have you bought or sold books in Penang or other parts of Malaysia? How was it? Please share your experience with! I hope to hear from you!

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