The reason why I avoid Asian travelers

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Traveler’s Life

I enjoy having conversations with different people and getting to know them. Meeting up with travelers from all over the world is a big part of traveling and I like it so much! Maybe it’s one of the biggest reasons that I can keep on traveling for 8 months already. But not all the interactions with travelers are pleasant.

Khao San Road - Bangkok - interaction with Asian travelers - exploreyourlifenow
This is a picture when I went out on Khao San road in Bangkok, Thailand. Talking with nice people and partying together is always nice. 🙂

Typical questions you get from Asian Travelers

Unlike travelers from Western countries, Asian travelers always start a conversation with “Where are you from?”. Of course, it’s okay, it’s a basic question as a traveler when you meet someone who looks different from you!

After they get an answer that I’m Korean, they ask me a second question. “How old are you?”. Yes, yes, we can say it’s normal. In Eastern countries, we have to be polite to a person who is older than us. So, yes, it’s fine.

But the problem starts as soon as you tell your age to them. Maybe you don’t have any issues if you’re a student or under 30 years old. But, I’m a 30 something old Asian girl who travels alone even though some people say I look like a 20 something.

Krabi - Thailand - avoid interaction with Asian travelers - exploreyourlifenow
My first bikini picture in my entire life! My friend asked me to pose…. it was very embarrassing… but I thought it was time to take at least one bikini picture since I was in a beautiful island near Krabi in Thailand!

As soon as they hear I’m a 30 something Korean girl, they ask a third question like “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Are you married?”. Hmm… If you are smart enough, you get what I mean by now. They tend to ask too personal questions when you’ve just met. If you say “No” to those questions, then they make you embarrassed by asking questions like, “Why you don’t get married? Don’t you want to have a child?”

Come on! Give me a break!

This is the moment I want to stop the conversation! I haven’t met many Asian backpackers since they like to travel as a group, but every time I meet them, I’m so annoyed by all these personal questions. Yes, this is why I don’t enjoy interacting with travelers from Asia that much.

I just want a regular conversation about places we’ve been to, our favorite travel destinations, favorite dishes, beautiful stars you see in the dark sky.….. instead of “investigating” other travelers’ social status or age.

I don’t mind telling my personal history when I get to know them better or when I’m in the mood. But I don’t feel it’s right that these personal things have to be asked when you just meet. At least, that’s what I’m thinking.

To Asian Travelers

All Asian travelers! If you want to get to know a person better and have a pleasant conversation, please be genuinely interested in something else rather than asking too personal questions!

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How was your interaction with Asian travelers? Did you enjoy it? Please share your experience! I hope to hear from you! 🙂



4 thoughts on “The reason why I avoid Asian travelers

  1. Haha i understand what you mean, it is pretty typical yes. Hopefully i can count into the not many asian backpackers that didn’t. Although i’m more white than most of them haha.
    I don’t have too much problems myself only about adoption sometimes.

    1. Yeah… you are super young… no problem for you. But for me, hahahaha you know I’m a big sister(Noona)! That’s why… it’s annoying sometimes… but all of my Asian friends who I’m still talking to.. are all very nice and not typical Asians! 😉
      Thanks for visiting my blog, and I appreciate you share experience! 😉 Enjoy your trip and safe travel!

  2. This happens to me on the reg but with Americans and even when working as a flight attendant and meeting new crew. What is with people being so obsessed with marriage!? It doesn’t have to be for everyone. I happily have had a bf for 3 years and I’m just content traveling and not having any big tie downs! Don’t let these people annoy you, just feel bad they don’t know how to live outside the box

    1. Exactly! I am glad I met a person like me! As you said they think life is meaningful with kids, partner, expensive homes, and cars. They are nice to have if you want. But not everyone wants the same thing. It’s sad that we are still living in a world with a typical idea of living for the rest of your life. Being a flight attendant sounds awesome! I wanted to be a cabin crew but I was too afraid to live outside of my comfort zone. But now I got out of comfort zone in 2015 and it was the best decision in my life. I travel and have amazing experiences!
      You are a brave woman! Don’t be bothered by these people! Be you and live a life as you want just like now. I hope to see you again on my blog or on my instagram! I’d love to check out your journey as well!

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