Angkor Wat Sunrise : Is it worth it?

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Watching Angkor Wat Sunrise is one of the most popular things to do in Siem Reap. All the pictures of Angkor Wat Sunrise on the internet were so amazing that I didn’t want to miss the great opportunity to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat with my own eyes.

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angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

But going to watch the sunrise means I have to give up fifty cents beer on Pub Street and have an early night… I wasn’t that confident getting up early… but I decided to go for it! (I can be a morning person, but I love a beauty sleep in the morning. 😉 )

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Too early!

I woke up to the sound of the alarm. It was four in the morning. ‘Please let me sleep five more minutes…’ Oops! 🙁 I really did fall asleep! When I checked the time, it was already 04:20! My Tuk-tuk was coming to pick me up at 04:30! I went straight to the bathroom, washed my face, put my clothes on and ran out of the hostel as fast as I could.  (Thank god I took a shower last night! 😉 )

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Good morning?

Our Tuk-tuk driver smiled at me and said “Good morning!” “Good morning!” I said out loud but it was actually not a good morning. It was dark outside, and I was still feeling tired from the flight yesterday. My friend was smiling at me to say hello but his big blue eyes were half closed. He drove his motorbike for two days to come all the way to Siem Reap from Saigon. No wonder why he looked so sleepy.

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I was the one who insisted on going to Angkor Wat at 4:30 am to get the best spot for beautiful Angkor Wat Sunrise pictures. I felt so bad for me and my friend. I couldn’t blame anyone but me for making us get up so early.

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Tuk-tuk ride in the dark

The Tuk-tuk was driving through the streets of Siem Reap in the dark. It was foggy. I barely could see things, but the Tuk-tuk driver was driving like a pro. The dark street, the noise coming from the tuk-tuk, and the cool breeze somehow made me relaxed. My eyes were slowly closed…

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Angkor Wat

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - Southeast asia - asia

When I opened my eyes, we were already at Angkor Wat. The atmosphere at Angkor Wat was totally different from yesterday. It wasn’t crowded at all. It was dark, quiet and peaceful. Only a few people were sitting near the lake in front of Angkor Wat. The misty Angkor Wat looked even more mysterious. I found a nice spot to sit to enjoy this peace and the stillness.

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The waiting

Even though I was in such a beautiful place like Angkor Wat, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. It was still dark at Angkor Wat. Maybe we came too early. More and more people were coming to watch the sunrise.

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Not ready yet

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

While I was trying very hard not to close my eyes, I noticed the colors of my surrounding are changing. It was slowly getting lighter and lighter.  I could see a little bit of the color orange from the back of Angkor Wat. Maybe the Sun wasn’t ready to come out yet.

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Not good enough

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - Southeast asia - asia

Angkor Wat was becoming prettier and prettier as the Sun was slowly rising. I started to take photos. But I couldn’t capture the typical Angkor Wat sunrise images on my camera. I needed more light. I had to wait a little bit more to get enough light to take the perfect Angkor Wat sunrise pictures. But instead, we walked into Angkor Wat to enjoy quiet Angkor Wat all by ourselves.

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Empty Angkor Wat

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

Inside the Angkor Wat was almost empty except for some tourists who think the same like us. I wanted to take advantage of every second in Angkor Wat without crowds.

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Incredible Khmer Architecture

I was amazed by marvelous carvings in every corner of Angkor Wat. My eyes were busy looking all those amazing artworks of Angkor Wat. I was so curious about how Khmer people created such a fascinating temple like Angkor Wat?!’

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

Some of the carvings are well-executed and have so many details that they would come alive in any minute. I could see old Khmer people’s hard work and dedication to Angkor Wat. I appreciate their every single sweat to build this amazing Angkor Wat.

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The Sun

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

I noticed the Sun was growing bigger and bigger. I found a place somewhere high up to enjoy the Sunrise at Angkor Wat all alone.  The sky was changing its color. From darker orange to brighter orange. I was so excited. I was about to witness one of the most magnificent sunrises in the world.

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The sun kept rising till the world got brighter. It was very peaceful and quiet. I understood why Angkor Wat is so famous. I was falling in love with Angkor Wat.

The Noise

angkor wat sunrise - angkor wat - Siem reap - cambodia - Southeast Asia -Asia

When I was enjoying the beauty of Angkor Wat Sunrise, I heard the noise. Oh, no! People were coming into the temple. The quality time with me and Angkor Wat was over. It was time to leave. I told my friend to leave the temple. We walked around Angkor Wat a bit, took more pictures of this artistic temple and came out of the Angkor Wat.

The famous Angkor Wat Sunrise

angkor wat sunrise - sunrise - angkorwat - siemreap - cambodia - southeast asia - Asia

As I was walking out of Angkor Wat, I found the Sun, the color of the sky and the reflection of Angkor Wat on the water was perfect. It was the moment! I hurried to take out of my camera again. After a few trials, I finally could capture the beauty of Angkor Wat sunrise exactly as I wanted.

Angkor Wat Sunrise

I couldn’t believe I was in one of the most amazing historic sites in the world. I looked around. The orange sky, the yellow sun, and Angkor Wat.  It was a magical moment…

I felt so grateful what I’ve seen at Angkor Wat.  Coming to see Angkor Wat sunrise was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made on my trip to Southeast Asia.

angkor wat sunrise - angkor wat - siem reap - southeast asia - asia

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  1. Beautiful pics and a wonderful story. I am going to Viet Nam in November and this convinced me I must come to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

    1. Oh, that’s good to hear! I’m going to post more posts about Cambodia. Also, i visited Vietnam recently I liked the beautiful scenery. I hope I will finish publishing about Cambodia and Vietnam to help you travel!

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