3 things that can happen to you in Koh Tao: Part 2

Koh Tao - Thailand - Southeast Asia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung

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3 things that can happen to you in Koh Tao - Koh Tao - Thailand - Explore Your Life Now - Eva Jung

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3 things that can happen to you in Koh Tao : Part 2

3. Having sex on a longtail boat

3 things that can happen to you in Koh Tao 2 - Koh Tao - Thailand - Explore Your Life Now - Eva Jung

This is a real story from one of the people I met in Koh Tao. We all had a great time at Lotus Bar drinking and dancing like typical nights in Koh Tao. J was getting drunk after a few buckets. (Everything happens when you have too many buckets in Thailand! lol) It was time to go home. But a cat can’t just pass by the fish market.


We saw Fishbowl (one of the cool bars in Koh Tao) and decided to dance a little bit. It was all good before we went down to the beach.

The true meaning of beach party?

We saw two girls who were dancing on the beach only wearing a Koh Tao Pub Crawl T-shirt on the top and thongs on the bottom. What a surprise! J walked to the girls, hooked up with one of the girls and went into the water. They were kissing in the sea and went up to the boat. I saw J taking off his shirt, and then the girl took off her clothes, too. I haven’t seen anything else except for moving a long tail boat.

Boat to Boat

I don’t know how much time passed, but I saw a girl coming out of the water, and a guy jumping off the boat. I didn’t know whether the guy was J or not at first. The guy was about to come out of the water, but he found himself not wearing anything on the bottom of his body.

He went back to the first boat, and the second boat and the third… (Oops! The guy was J eventually……) Watching him jumping on and off the boats to find his swim shorts was so funny that all of us were laughing so hard…… Unfortunately, he couldn’t find his shorts even though he tried that hard. Poor J! Instead, he was covering his important part with his shirt. We headed home with him showing his butt out there in the crowd…

Yes pain No gain

The painful truth was he couldn’t even have sex with the girl because it was hard to balance on the long tail boat…… 🙂 He lost his shorts and his dignity for nothing. Instead, he made himself embarrassed in front of many people! At least he has a very nice ass to show to the world! 😉 (Luckily, he found his shorts on the seashore the next day… )

Adventurous backpackers

I worked as a volunteer in one of the hostels. One of hostel rules is that customers can’t have sex in the dorm. I say “You can be creative! You can have sex on a long-tail boat, speed boat and on the rock! Or you can make your dream of having sex on the beach come true here in Koh Tao!” as a joke. But I didn’t expect somebody would really try to have sex on a long tail boat! It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in Koh Tao.

Koh Tao with crazy nights


I have more crazy stories but I think it’s better to keep it with me. 😉

Now it’s your turn to visit this beautiful island, Koh Tao!

Have fun and create your own fun crazy nights in Koh Tao with my Koh Tao nightlife guide! (But be safe!)

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