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Summer is coming…

The weather gets warmer and warmer. The sun is getting stronger and stronger in Europe especially here in Mallorca. It means it’s time for you to take out the sunglasses out of your drawer to get ready for the strong sun. I’ve found Daniel Dunford sunglasses on my Instagram feed sometime in March. I’ve already tried sunglasses from Gucci, Channel, Rayban and other brands as well, but I’m really happy about getting my new sunglasses from Daniel Dunford.

Daniel Dunford sunglasses - Epi Hollywood - Palma - Mallorca
This is me wearing Epi Hollywood on a holiday house in Llubi(Mallorca). Epi Hollywood is my perfect travel mate when I go exploring new places especially on a sunny day like this.

Epi Hollywood from Daniel Dunford

Daniel Dunford sunglasses - Epi Hollywood - Palma - Mallorca
This is me with my gorgeous babe Epi Hollywood. Epi Hollywood has two colors which are noir and cigare. I usually like black but I chose Cigare Epi Hollywood to try something new and my choice was right. The pattern on Epi Hollywood give a little edge on it, and it blends really well with different outfits.

My new babe is called Epi Hollywood. Like the name itself, you feel fabulous wearing them and it goes with different looks. Since I got Epi Hollywood sunglasses from Daniel Dunford I go with this babe everywhere I go.

Daniel Dunford Sunglasses cords

Daniel Dunford sunglasses cords

Daniel Dunford also has cool cords for gorgeous sunglasses and they are really convenient since it makes you look great and you don’t need to worry about losing your sunglasses like I did many times on my travels in Southeast Asia.

A special deal for you!

Daniel Dunford sunglasses - Epi Hollywood - fashionblogger - influencer

Check out Daniel Dunford sunglasses to shop this cutie.

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