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ย Want to travel cheap in Singapore?

If you are thinking about going to Singapore, the biggest concern you have might be the budget. As we all know, Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to travel in the world. This fact makes you think it is impossible to travel cheap in Singapore!


I decided to write this simple and shortย post for budget backpackers who like to travel cheap in Singapore but still want to have good times enjoying nice food, nice stay, nice view, and nice things in Singapore.

1.My Singapore budget

My Singapore budget was 200 euros in 5 days even though I only went sightseeing for free places.. It means I should spend 40 euros a day. Considering I only spent 1000 euros in my first three months (90 days) traveling Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, my Singapore budget seemed really crazy, but I did quite well when I compared with other travelers in Singapore.

2.Where to stay in Singapore

Stick to Little India

I’ve heard from fellow travelers that Little India has many cheap hostels to stay in Singapore, I chose to stay in Little India. The Inncrowd Singapore offered the best price for me. It was 13 dollar which was the cheapest among other hostels in Singapore. The Inncrowd Singapore is well-known for its reasonable price with decent facilities and free kickboard tour. (I don’t get paid a penny from Inncrowd!) If you want to save money in Singapore, it’s a good choice to stay in Little India in Singapore.

3. Where to eat cheap in Singapore

Eat in Little India Singapore

Eating cheap in Singapore seems impossible in such an expensive place like Singapore. But if you stay in Little India in Singapore, you will enjoy good but cheap food as much as you can.

There is a huge food court on the first floor at Pusat Tekka (Tekka Center) in Little India Singapore. There are different kinds of Chinese food, Indian food and western food you can try.ย You can pay only S$3 for Chicken rice. Garlic butter nan with rice only costs you S$5.

  • Price: Starts from S$3 ~

Try China Town

When we think about China and China Town, we think everything will be cheaper. Unfortunately, food in China Town is not that cheap, but not crazy expensive either.

  • Price: Starts from S$5.50 ~

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