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Are there free things to do in Singapore?

This is the first question I had in my mind when I decided to go to Singapore with my best friend. Going to Singapore wasn’t even on my plan since it was so expensive in Singapore compared to other Southeast Asian countries! I simply went for a trip to Singapore spontaneously just to spend more time with my best friend. Luckily, we managed to find free things to do in Singapore!

Top 3 free things to do in Singapore

Here are three free things to do in Singapore I liked the most!

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens


Singapore Botanic Gardens was huge! It has different types of gardens. It’s a perfect place to take a slow walk or relax by sitting on the green grass with family and friends. It’s free (except for National Orchid Garden) and just nice be in such a green place in a busy city like Singapore.

  • Opening hours: It opens at five in the morning and closes at midnight.
  • Click here to check events and learn more about Singapore Botanic Gardens.

2.Go to Gardens by the Bay



Gardens by the Bay is really nice to visit during the day, but it gets more lively and interesting in the evening! You can watch Gardens by the Bay light shows (Garden Rhapsody) at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm.

The top of Supertree Grove is turning into green, blue, pink… It’s just amazing! Watching Garden Rhapsody is just worth of visiting Gardens by the Bay! Don’t miss beautiful Garden Rhapsody (the light show)!

  • Click here to check out Gardens by the bay website.

3.Marina Bay Sands

Wonder Full

free-things-to-do-in-singapore-marina-bay-sands-1 - Marina Bay Sands light show - Wonder Full -singapore-southeast-asia-backpacking-in-singpore-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

free-things-to-do-in-singapore-marina-bay -sands-3-Marina Bay Sands light show-singapore-southeast-asia-backpacking-in-singpore-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

Enjoy Marina Bay’s amazing light & water show called Wonder Full! It’s free and cool to watch! It lasts around 15 minutes at the waterfront of Marina Bay.

  • Showtime: Sunday – Thursday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm
    Friday & Saturday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm, 11:00pm

Eat & Drink


If you are hungry or thirsty after Wonder Full show, you can also have a couple of drinks and snacks near the waterfront. There are different types of snacks such as fries, barbecued meat, hot dogs and so on. Marina Bay is not the cheapest place to eat and drink but stunning view near the water will make you stay in Marina Bay!

Perfect night at Marina Bay

I ordered a small-sized fries (S$5) and a cup of wine. I spent way more than I expected, but I loved the night view of Marina Bay, the music the band was playing and most of all a good company. It was a perfect night!

Special tip to enjoy Marina Bay even better

This is the view from CE LA Vi. CE LA Vi is located on the top floor of Marina Bay Sands.

Do you want to see one of the most beautiful night views of Marina Bay? Go to CÉ LA VI Singapore! You can enjoy a stunning view that will make your mouth drop!

  • Click here to visit Marina Bay Sands website.

Want more free things to do in Singapore?

Go to Chinatown


Chinatown is a good place to eat and buy some cheap souvenirs. It’s nothing special but it’s worth visiting once for its Chinese food street. You can try whatever you like!

Go to Little India


You can explore Little India by visiting different Indian souvenir shops, buying fresh fruits, eye shopping at jewelry shops, and eating Indian food! There is a complex called Pusat Tekka (Tekka Center) with cheap but good Chinese and Indian food. You should definitely try!

  • Click here to see the location of Pusat Tekka (Tekka Center) on the map.

Wanna know where to stay and eat cheap in Singapore?

Click here to get advice how to stay & eat cheap in Singapore!

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