Top 5 nontypical things to do in Penang

Want to do something different in Penang?? No worries, I’ve made this 5 nontypical things to do list just for you!

5 nontypical things to do in Penang, Malaysia

1.Go to a local market in the morning

Morning stroll in George Town

George Town morning market is busiest in the morning. The restaurants at the local market are full of Chinese people enjoying breakfast, and the streets are full of people buying fresh ingredients for their family! It It won’t be easy to get up early after struggling with heat through the night (especially if you stay in a fan room like me), but you won’t regret visiting here! You will be surprised by this lively morning market and the people there!

  • Location: Click here to see the location on the map.

2.Buy a second hand book

Buying second hand book2

If you are a second hand book lover and a budget backpacker, Penang is a perfect place for you to buy cheap books! I only paid RM 20 for Life of Pi and Frankenstein. RM10 each! You can also exchange books, so feel free to look around the second hand bookstores in Penang!

Click here to find out more about second-hand bookstores in Penang, Malaysia.

3.Visit a dentist

Why do I suggest visiting a dentist all the way to Malaysia? Compared to Europe or other Western countries, dental clinics here are cheaper yet the dentists are still good at doing their jobs. My friend spent only RM 80 for cleaning and checking his teeth! So if you are concerned about your oral health while you’re traveling in Malaysia, I strongly recommend going to see a dentist in Penang. 😉

  • How to: Google “dentists in Penang”, send dentists emails, make an appointment at a dental clinic you like!

4. Visit Protestant Cemetery


Are you struggling with the crazy hot weather in George Town, Penang? Why don’t you go to the cemetery? There are only few people visiting this place. So you can stroll around the cemetery on your own! Walking in the cemetery all alone… doesn’t it sound like one of the best ways to get away from the hot weather?! 😉

  • Entrance fee: free
  • Visiting hours: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Location: Click here to see the location on the map.

5. Watch the sunset at the little park near War Memorial

sunset in Penang

The War Memorial is only 10-20 minutes away from the center of George Town depending on where you stay. It’s a nice way to finish a hot day in Penang by just sitting by the sea, feeling the cool breeze on your face and seeing the beautiful orange sky.

  • Location: Click here to see the location on the map.


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How was Top 5 nontypical things to do in Penang? Are there any nontypical things to do in Penang? You are more than welcomed to share your suggestions with us! I will be very happy to hear from you! 🙂


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