Ipoh Street Art: Ernest Zacharevic and more

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I don’t think many people know about a city called Ipoh and Ipoh has amazing street art! You will find Ipoh street art every corner of the city! Maybe you think Ipoh street art is more diverse than Penang Street Art.

Ipoh Street Art

1. Ipoh Street Art: Ernest Zacharevic’s street art in Ipoh

Ernest Zacharevic’s mural paintings are loved by many visitors in Malaysia, especially in Penang. But you can enjoy Ernest Zacharevic’s Ipoh Street Art as well! Find one of his fineseOld Uncle With Coffee Cup, Paper Plane, Kopi-O, Hummingbird, Trishaw, and Girl!

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ipoh-street-art9- Ipoh mural painting - Ipoh Perak -ipoh-malaysia-exploreyourlifenow - Eva Jung

ipoh-street-art-ernest-zacharevic-ipoh-malaysia-southeast-asia-exploreyourlifenow - Eva Jung

2. Ipoh street art: Ipoh street that has full of interesting mural paintings!

Near Masjid Panglima Kinta

I found streets literally full of interesting mural paintings in Ipoh. Like other people, I only knew Penang Street Art, I didn’t expect to see all these different street paintings here in Ipoh. I was pleasantly surprised by Ipoh Street Art! You can see mural paintings from Einstein to Nelson Mandela. Also, you can enjoy muti-cultural mural paintings representing different ethnic groups like Chinese, Indian, and Malay when you visit Ipoh for Ipoh Street Art!





  • Near Masjid Panglima Kinta: Click here to see the location on the map. Can you see the colorful pictures of children on the wall in the middle of google street view? If you follow the mural painting on the wall, you will see lots of interesting Street Art like pictures above!

3. Ipoh Street Art: Street Art is everywhere in Ipoh!

As you walk on the streets of Ipoh, you will find unexpected mural paintings and street art! All you need to do is to explore Ipoh Street! It’s up to you to find Ipoh street art or not! 😉

Japanese cartoon characters in Ipoh


ipho-street-10- things to do in Ipoh - ipoh-malaysia-exploreyourlifenow - Eva Jung

Psy and Marilyn Monroe in Ipoh


Ipoh Street Art - Ipoh mural paintings - Ipoh - Malaysia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung

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