Ipoh guide #1 – Malaysia’s Hidden Gem, Ipoh

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Ipoh clock tower - Ipoh attraction - best things to do in ipoh - Ipoh - Malaysia - Southeast Asia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung
Ipoh Clock Tower

Before I become an Ipoh guide for you, I’d love to talk a little about Ipoh. Ipoh doesn’t sound very familiar to you even though you are planning to visit Malaysia. If you heard about Ipoh before, that must be Ipoh White Coffee. Sounds familiar now? 

Ipoh, a perfect place for a short trip!

Sam Poh Tong temple - Ipoh attraction - best things to do in Ipoh - Ipoh - Perak Ipoh - Malaysia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung
A hidden small temple surrounded by limestones in Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh Perak, Malaysia

Ipoh is a small city only less than 3 hours away from Penang. It’s undervalued compared to Penang. It’s a good weekend trip destination for locals and becoming a popular destination among backpackers in Malaysia. If you are planning to travel around Malaysia, I recommend stopping by this little city on your way to Kuala Lumpur for one day or two days trip.

Ipoh Guide

Ipoh old town - Ipoh street art - best things to do in Ipoh - Ipoh - Ipoh Perak - Malaysia - Southeast Asia - Explore your life now - Eva Jung

I will tell you how to get to Ipoh, where to stay and what to do in my Ipoh guide.

1.How to get to Ipoh

I took a commuter ferry from Penang to Butterworth and transferred to Bus at Butterworth (which is near Butterworth ferry station). It took me 3 hours to get to Ipoh bus station.

2.Where to stay in Ipoh

My advice

I stayed near the bus station which is 20 minutes away from the old town of Ipoh. There are cheap rooms but not very flashy. Also, the streets around the bus station become really dark and quiet at night. I can’t say it’s very dangerous at night, but I wouldn’t stay around this area if I were alone. I recommend you stay in town for your safe trip.

A place for a solo traveler

Hostel 1981 in old town looks very clean and staff seemed very kind. I wanted to stay here but it only has dorms, so my friend and I decided not to stay. If you travel alone, I think you should check out this place. (I don’t get paid from Hostel 1981!)

Price for a double room

I thought Ipoh is a bit cheaper than Penang since it’s less famous than Penang. But, don’t expect Ipoh to be cheaper.  I’d say, the price is almost the same as Penang. For me and my friend, the price of the accommodation on the internet was really expensive compared to Penang, we went into Inn or hotel to ask the price and negotiate.

Price for a dormitory bed

When I visited in March 2016, the price of a dorm bed was a bit cheaper than Penang like RM 18.

3. Best things to do in Ipoh

Click here to find out Best things to do in Ipoh!

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