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Malaysia’s Hidden Gem, Ipoh

Is Ipoh better than Penang?

Unlike Penang, not many people know about Ipoh. Also, Ipoh isn’t the cleanest and the nicest city in Malaysia. It’s raw and less developed compared to Penang. But It has fewer tourists and more space for visitors. Ipoh has a lot to offer and people in Ipoh are friendlier than busy Penang.

Ipoh, a perfect place to get away from crowds

I really enjoyed staying at Ipoh for 2 nights and 3 days being lazy, slow and quiet. I’d love to share the best things to do in Ipoh with you!

Best things to do in Ipoh 1. Drink Ipoh White Coffee

Best things to do in Ipoh - Ipoh white coffee - white-coffee-ipoh-Ipoh perak-malaysia- Southeast asia -exploreyourlifenow
Cold white coffee is a perfect drink when you are exhausted from the heat! And it costs only RM 1.7! Crazy good price! 😉

Why is Ipoh White coffee so special?

Ipoh is a place where White Coffee is produced. What makes Ipoh white coffee special is the way they roast the beans. They roast coffee beans with palm oil margarine.

Ipoh White Coffee

Is Ipoh White coffee white? I thought the same as you. Unfortunately, Ipoh White Coffee doesn’t look white white.

Why is Ipoh white coffee called white coffee?

The reason this sweet coffee is called White coffee is that it is served with condensed milk which makes coffee white on the top. You can get White coffee everywhere in Ipoh. It’s quite sweet but cold Ipoh White Coffee is so nice and refreshing after walking around Ipoh under the hot sun.

Best things to do in Ipoh 2. Try Ipoh’s specialty Kaya Puff

Kaya Puff

Kaya puff is a famous sweet flaky Chinese pastry in Ipoh. It is soft inside and a bit crisp outside. Kaya Puff is a perfect breakfast with sweet Ipoh white coffee!

ipoh-white-coffee-kaya-puff- best - things-to-do-in-ipoh-ipoh-malaysia-exploreyourlifenow-eva-jung
One of the best things to do in Ipoh can be drinking a warm Ipoh White Coffee with Ipoh Kaya Puff around noon, read a newspaper and relax like locals in the cafe!

Best things to do in Ipoh 3.Eat Bean Sprout Chicken Rice (Hainanese Chicken Rice)

Another best things to do in Ipoh? That will be eating Ipoh’s specialty, Bean Sprout Chicken Rice! Bean Sprout Chicken Rice will fill your hungry belly!

Beansprout chicken rice - hainaese-chicken-rice-best things to do in Ipoh - ipoh-malaysia-exploreyourlifenow

Looks familiar? Bean Sprout Chicken Rice is very similar to Hainanese Chicken Rice. The difference is that you order chicken, and bean sprout separately. Also, the sauce is based on soy sauce and sesame oil instead of sambal sauce.

  • A place to eat: Restauran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau is the most famous Bean sprout chicken rice restaurant in Ipoh.
  • Location: Click here to see the location on the map.
  • Price: It will be changed Restauran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau when you visit. But I paid RM 26 for 2 people in March 2016.

Best things to do in Ipoh 4. Visit Ho Yan Hor Museum (Free)

ho-yan-hor-museum-ho-yan-hor-herbal-tea-best things-to-do-in-ipoh-ipoh-malaysia-southeast-asia-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

I don’t consider myself a museum person, but I liked Ho Yan Hor tea museum. Ho Yan Hor tea is the most famous herbal tea in Malaysia. Ho Yan Hor museum is built just at the place where Dr. Ho Kai Cheong (the founder of Ho Yan Hor) first started selling his herbal tea!

This museum shows how Dr. Ho Kai Cheong became a successful tea business owner. I really liked his story and loved Ho Yan Hor Herbal tea. You can get free tea samples, too. It takes only 20 minutes to look around. If you are a tea lover and if you want to travel cheap, Ho Yan Hor museum is a perfect place for you in Ipoh.

Best things to do in Ipoh 5.Enjoy Ipoh Street Art (Free)

ipoh-street-art-ipoh-mural-paintings-best things-to-do-in-ipoh-explore-your-life-now-eva-jung

If you enjoyed street art in Penang, I’m sure you will love Ipoh Street art. There are mural paintings everywhere, especially these two places. There is more interesting street art in Ipoh than Penang.

Click here to learn more about Ipoh Street Art.

Best things to do in Ipoh 6.Go for a half day trip to temples near Ipoh (Free)

sampotong - best things to do in Ipoh - Malaysia temple - Ipoh - Malaysia - Southeast Asia - Exploreyourlifenow - Eva Jung
You will be disappointed a bit when you see the entrance to Sampotong since isn’t the most glamorous one. But be patient! You will find this beautiful orange-colored temple at the back of Sampotong! You can also see cute little turtles! 🙂
linsentong - best things to do in Ipoh - Malaysia temple - Ipoh - Malaysia - Southeast Asia - Exploreyourlifenow - Eva Jung
My friend and I found this temple Ling Sen Tong (Lin Sen Tong) by accident. We wanted to visit Sam Poh Tong, but we found Ling Sen Tong first. It was a temple with many colorful statues. Sam Po Tong is about 100 meters on the right side of Ling Sen Tong. If you get lost like us, you can simply ask people around Ling Sen Tong! They will be happy to help you.

Sam Poh Tong temple and Ling Sen Tong temple are built in Limestone caves. If you are interested in temples and planning to stay in Ipoh for 2 nights, then it doesn’t hurt to visit them.

  • How to get there: I took a local bus 66 at a bus terminal near Little India in Ipoh. If you are not sure, visit Ipoh tourist office in town (located right in front of one of Ernest Zacharevic’s street art named OLD UNCLE WITH COFFEE CUP), tourist office guides will give you a map and direction to get to Ling Sen Tong and Sam Poh Tong.

What do you think it’s best things to do in Ipoh for you? Drinking White coffee? Eating Chicken Rice at Restauran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau? Going to Sampohtong? Or do you have any other best things to do in Ipoh? Leave the comment below. 🙂

Thank you for visiting Explore Your Life Now. I hope Ipoh guide: Best things to do in Ipoh help you enjoy Ipoh better. If you have any questions about traveling Southeast Asia, don’t hesitate to visit my facebook and send me messages! I’ll help you as best as I can! 🙂

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