Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam

top 10 things to do in Amsterdam - the Netherlands - Europe

Before talking about Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam

Before we talk about Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam, I’d like to ask you “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Amsterdam?” Van Gogh? Coffeeshops? Red light district? Anne Frank? Sex museum?

Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam

It was really challenging for me to choose only Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam because there are so many interesting things to do in Amsterdam. Hopefully, these Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam to help you to find out why Amsterdam is such an amazing place to visit especially on your summer vacation!

1.Amsterdam Canals 

I still remember the feeling of walking through Amsterdam Canals. Watching cute picturesque buildings along the canal, small bridges, thousands of parked bikes along the way, colorful flowers, and cool looking pedestrians will make you can’t stop saying the word, “Wow!” Even though you are not a good photographer, you can take amazing photos that look like the ones on postcards. Taking a canal cruise is also a good way to learn more about the history of Amsterdam. It’s something you really can’t miss on my Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam list!

2.Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam - the Netherlands - Europe
This is Almond Branches in Bloom by Van Gogh. It’s also my favorite work of him. I was so happy to see his amazing works in front of my eyes so that I spent 4 hours there in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam!

When I first saw “Sunflowers” which is one of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh as a teenager in my art class, I was so fascinated by the beauty of the bright yellow color and the touch of the brush. Since then, I always wanted to see real Van Gogh’s paintings. That’s why going to Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam on Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam is something I really needed to do! I had to wait almost 2 hours (because I didn’t book ahead) outside in the rain, but it was totally worth waiting!

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam - the Netherlands - Europe
Beautiful postcards with Van Gogh’s paintings! I was struggling to buy one a few of them…! They are so beautiful! Be careful not to spend too much money! 😉

It costs 18 euros if you only buy a ticket for Van Gogh Museum, but I bought an audio guide for 5 euros. If you have enough time, then I highly recommend buying the audio guide. You will learn so much about Van Gogh’s life and his paintings. I really loved it. I saw his amazing work right in front of my eyes! It was one of the highlights of my trip to Amsterdam! If you are a big fan of Van Gogh, you will love it to be at Van Gogh Museum. (But don’t forget to book online beforehand.)

Ipoh Street Art

Penang George Town Street Art

3. Anne Frank House

Have you read Anne Frank’s diary? I read Anne Frank’s diary when I was a little girl, and I was really sad what happened to her as a Jewish in WW2. I needed to see what Anne Frank house like in person. It’s a shame that I couldn’t take a photo inside the building, but I also understand it because I don’t think it’s not a type of place you can take a selfie with the smile. It is a bit depressing as you walk in the hidden rooms of Anne Frank House and think how hard it would be to hide in a small place like that and live in a fear as a little girl. Anne Frank House is a really important place to learn more about persecution and discrimination against Jewish people during WW2.

4.Red Light district

Red Light District - Amsterdam - Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam - Europe
I laughed so hard thanks to these funny aprons… I think I should buy one of them for fun when I go back to Amsterdam! 🙂

I guess visiting Red Light district is something that many tourists (especially guys) would love to do on Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam list! I also went to Red Light District for the same reason like other visitors, Curiosity! It was a bit weird experience for me to see ladies sitting in show windows with their sexy lingeries like products in the shops on the street.

In Red Light District, you can not only see those sexy ladies but also watch live sex shows. Also, there are funny sex shops on your way as well. I can’t say Red Light District is good or bad, but it’s definitely a unique experience you can have in Amsterdam.

5. Sex museum

Sex museum is a fun place to visit if you don’t have a high expectation. It costs only 5 euros so there is nothing to lose to take a look just for fun.

6.Heineken experience

Heineken Experience - Amsterdam - Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam - Europe
Dutch guys are so tall and handsome! Of course, girls are so pretty as well! Your eyes will be happy at Heineken Experience with all these pretty girls and boys! 😉

Heineken Experience is something that you can’t miss out if you like Heineken. You can learn about the history of Heineken beer. After your tour, you will get a chance to drink ice cold Heineken draft beer on the top floor. The view from the terrace of the top floor is stunning! After beers, you can take a picture of yourself in Heineken photo booths and play football Heineken games in Heineken Experience! There is a souvenir shop that you can buy Heineken beer with your name on it! I went Heineken Experience alone but I had so much fun with other travelers there! Even though if you are not a huge fan of Heineken, you will like it! It costs only 17 euros including 2 free beers and I recommend buying a ticket online before you go!

heineken experience - Amsterdam - Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam - the Netherlands - Europe
This is tipsy Eva after 3 Heineken beers in the afternoon unlike these Aussie boys Joe and Slav who I met in Heineken Experience. We took a picture of us at Heineken Photobooth for free! I was wondering why people loved Heineken Experience and wrote good reviews about it but now I know why! Free beers at the end of the tour make people so happy at Heineken Experience! 😉

7. Summer Festivals

If you love dancing to nice music, why don’t you go for dancing in Amsterdam? There are many different festivals in Summer here in Amsterdam. I went to a festival called Thuishaven with my good Dutch friend who I met in Koh Tao and I had so much fun! Choose a festival that you like and enjoy true summer in Amsterdam!

8. Amsterdam Kookt food festival

Amsterdam Kookt food festival is held at the beginning of August and you don’t need to pay an entrance fee to participate Amsterdam Kookt food festival! All you need to do is to pay for the food with the purchased plastic coupon. It’s really great to try different kinds of food with music. Check out Amsterdam Kookt food festival webpage to get more information about the festival.

9. Volendam

Volendam is a great option if you want a short trip near Amsterdam! Volendam is a cute village which is 30 minutes away from Amsterdam by bus. Volendam used to be a fishing village but now it’s one of the popular tourist destinations around Amsterdam.

Start Volendam tour by visiting Volendam museum. Volendam Museum is quite small but there are different rooms that show how people in Volendam lived in the past. After Volendam museum, you can take a nice walk along the harbor and through town. Looking at those cute houses make your eyes happy. And don’t forget to take a photo of you wearing traditional Volendam clothes as a souvenir!

10. Watch the sunset

Amsterdam sunset

As you follow me on my blog and Instagram then, you already know that I’m a hopeless sunset addict! I just love sunsets so much! And watching the sunset is something I don’t miss wherever I go. I happened to watch sunsets near Amsterdam Central Station and it was amazing! If you are like me, then you will enjoy watching the sunset in Amsterdam!

How were my Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam? Do you have any other things that you enjoyed in Amsterdam? Feel free to share with us! And if you liked it, please give some love by sharing this post with your friends who are planning a trip to Amsterdam! Sharing is caring!

Special thanks to my Dutch friends including Guus, Noah, Arda, and Aussie friends Joe and Slav. Noah thanks for showing me Red Light District and Blue Light District! And Arda thanks for letting me stay at his nice flat, cooked for me amazing food, took me to Thuishaven and Amsterdam Kookt food festival and so many other things that you did for me!

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